Materials researchers are frequently asked to extend theboundaries of what is possible in their industries.In the present global scenario, stringent requirements on product performance have led to an unprecedented emphasis on new material compositions and technological innovations leading to efficiency, affordability and environment friendliness. Understandingthe behavior of materials, their structure-propertycorrelationis essential forselecting suitable materials for anapplication. The issues related to process and microstructural designs of new generation metals have witnessed major research and development priorities world over, envisaging several new application avenues in various fields including automotive, line pipes, earthquake resistant structures, electrical steels, high temperature materials, composites etc.

The thermal mechanical processing and treatment play a pivotal role in the design and development of high-performance steels. Therefore, physical process simulation becomes a necessary tool for better microstructural understanding and useful predictions of ensuing process-structure-properties correlations. This forthcoming conference, therefore, will provide a common platform for academia, R & D institutions and industrial establishments to discuss new findings and update the current knowledge and understanding in the field of thermo-mechanical processing and physical simulation.

Gleeble Users Forum India (GUFI)

Objectives of GUFI

National Conference on Physical Simulation of Thermo-Mechanical Processing of Materials (NC-PSTMPM)

Scope of Conference

Principles of GUFI

Relationships between officials, researchers and participants should enable reciprocal, balanced exchanges of knowledge, resources and time that recognise the value of diverse contributions in a respectful and appropriate manner.

Framework of GUFI

GUFI Committee

The elected committee will be effective for a period of one year and the new committee will be formed during the annual GUFI AGM cum Workshop. Some of the members may continue during the subsequent years upon their selection. All the post will be Honorary in nature and no remuneration will be paid for any job.
The committee will be responsible for organizing the Annual GUFI Workshop under the leadership of the incumbent president. The expenditure for this event will be met through advertisement and sponsors whose details will be put on the GUFI website and the GUFI Workshop Proceedings.

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